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  Internet indicators: Hosts, Users and Number of PCs (pdf format)  2003
ITU - 2004

Datos estadísticos país por país sobre penetración y número de usuarios/abonados

    Kerry VP Announcement Influences Traffic Online
emarketer - July 12, 2004

Hitwise reports that John Kerry's online announcement of choosing John Edwards as his running mate for the 2004 US presidential elections increased traffic to Kerry's, Edward's — even Bush's — Web sites.

    Cybercafes Too Costly For Many
emarketer - July 07, 2004

The cost of Internet access in cybercafes varies greatly country-to-country according to a recent study by Foreign Policy magazine.

    Microsoft's Search Efforts
emarketer - July 02, 2004

MSN launched yesterday a preview of its own Web search technology and also revamped the look of MSN Search to be more minimal ála Google. MSN Search, still powered by Yahoo!, no longer features Yahoo!'s paid inclusion program, a move which is reportedly distancing the company from Yahoo!.

    VoIP Awareness Low, But Set to Grow?
emarketer - July 02, 2004

Though research firms and government policy makers have recently been very concerned about voice over Internet protocol (VoIP), most consumers still don't know about the technology which allows voice communications to be trasnmitted online.

    Bush and Kerry Battle It Out in Cyberspace
emarketer - May 19, 2004

John Kerry's candidate Web site was visited by over 1.5 million people in April, bettering the audience of George Bush and Dick Cheney's site, reports Nielsen//NetRatings.

    Sexual Orientation A Factor in Web Usage
emarketer  -May 17, 2004

A recent poll by Harris Interactive comparing the Web usage of heterosexual and gay, lesbian and bisexual (GLB) adults in the US finds there are many similarities between the two groups – just over 50% of respondents from both use the Net to stay connected with family and friends. There are, however, some significant differences, especially in terms of visiting political and travel-related sites.

    A Mother’s Work is Sometimes Done Online
emarketer - 7 May 2004

A study released by America Online (AOL) shows that 80% of mothers in the US who are online use the Net to do chores and other activities, helping them save time every week.

6 mai 2004

La tendance observée fin 2003 se confirme : le nombre des acheteurs en ligne progresse plus vite que celui des utilisateurs. La France comptait en effet 22,2 millions d'internautes à la fin du premier trimestre 2004, soit +11% depuis un an (20,1 million fin mars 2003) alors que le nombre d'acheteurs est de 8,7 millions, soit +38% par rapport au premier trimestre 2003 (6,3 millions).

    Active Internet Users by Country 1Q 2004
Nielsen//NetRatings -


McKinsey: Seizing the Hispanic Market
Sean Arian and Elizabeth Stephenson
The McKinsey Quarterly, 2004 Number 3

Contributed by The McKinsey Quarterly -- Financial institutions will need to do more than just translate their brochures into Spanish to capitalize on opportunities in this consumer segment.

    Personal Net Usage Pervades Workplace
emarketer - 29 April 2004

In its fifth annual Web@Work study, Websense finds that 51% of US employees who use the Internet at work spend between 1 and 5 hours online at the office for personal reasons.


    Kids vs. Teens: Money and Maturity Guide Online Behavior
eMarketer - 26 april 2004

According to eMarketer, over 34 million kids ages 3 to 17 are online in the United States, representing one-fifth of the total Internet user base.

    Eye on Spyware
eMarketer - 26 April 2004

EarthLink and Webroot Software scanned roughly 1.1 million PCs of US Internet users and found over 29.5 million instances of spyware.

    Spam Affects Kids Too
eMarketer - -26 April 2004

A study conducted by among a sample of over 66,000 children in the UK determined that kids receive an average of 1.46 pornographic e-mails each day and 10 per week.

  PIP Data Memo: The rise of wireless connectivity and our latest findings

  64% of wired Americans have used the Internet for spiritual or religious purposes

64% of the nation’s 128 million Internet users have done things online that relate to religious or spiritual matters. Nearly two-thirds of the adults who use the Internet in the United States have used the Internet for Faith-related matters. That represents nearly 82 million Americans.

  Older Americans and the Internet: 22% of Americans 65 and older use the Internet

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